Opting for used vehicles is really a smart and value-for-money purchase. However, getting a loan on used vehicle is a big challenge as no bank offer loans on used vehicles (except for cars), also the procedure is very lengthy and it can take up to 7 days getting the loan approved and purchase of vehicle. We K2d FinServ  provide solutions to all your problems related to loan on used vehicles. We offer private finance for a wide collection of used vehicles ranging from two wheeler, three wheeler to four wheelers. You do not need to follow long queues, lengthy procedure, long waiting for loan approval and also low cibil score. Hereby at __ K2d FinServ _ we arrange loans as per your needs, Private financier loans up to 95% of vehicle value and have flexible EMI repayment options, with a very fast disbursal of loans which allows you to purchase the vehicle without any delay.

There are several situations where you need finance urgently and bank takes time to process your loan request due to some reason. Here come the private financers where you can get the requisite loan without any delay. These are parties willing to provide an secured Vehicle loan. We provide a list of private loan lenders which consists of trustworthy and reputable individuals which you can approach or once you raise a query can approach you for your credit needs.

These private loan lenders are in existence from past and now they adhere to principles and rules while advancing funds. In case if you want to have a loan then you just need to demonstrate your ability of repaying the loan. These loans are short-term in nature when compared with the loan provided by traditional banks or NBFCs.

There are several private financiers who operate specifically to look at individuals needs for advancing private finance. These private financier provide interest rate at a flat percentage which is calculated every month. You have to share PDCs and sign legal papers as well post which the loan is approved.

If you are in need of loan or finance on used vehicle then raise a request with us for a vehicle loan by just one click and fill a simple form. We will contact you with the best private loan lenders and will help you with the end to end process of application to approval.

Advantages of having used vehicle loan from private financiers when compared with the traditional methods:

> Used Vehicles: Banks only provide loan on used cars, however, private financiers provide loan on almost all the used vehicles whether is two wheeler, three wheeler or four wheeler.

> Procedure: Procedure for applying private loan through banks and NBFCs is lenghty and cumbersome. It takes couple of days to get the amount in your bank account, hence it does not help when you are in need of urgent loan. This procedure is very short in case of private financiers and it takes only hours to get the loan processed and have money in your account.

> Low Cibil Score: Banks generally do not provide loan to individuals who have low cibil score, however, private financiers check the ability of you repayment of loan and provide you loan even if you have a low cibil score.  

> Flexibility: Generally banks have a fixed structure of loan and interest rate, however, these financiers can modify the loan structure as per the customer requirement, which means provide more options of repayment of the loan and the loan amount.

> Interest Rate: Interest rate of Banks is generally fixed and does not variate as per the customer requirement, however, there are various interest rate depending on the amount of the loan. Hence, customer has multiple options in relation to interest rate.

Banks are the traditional providers of loan however, due to there size, they can not alter the product for each of individual clients. Hence, there comes the requirement of private financiers to fill in this gap and make a positive contribution towards the society.If you and your well wisher are also looking for loan on your used Vehicle, Download K2D FinServ for your requirment. The app is available on both platforms Android as well as iOS.