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Ideal for Private Financer of Used Vehicle.
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Who Can Associate With K2D Finserve-Financier App ?

About This App:

K2D Financier app is to Manage leads, User Profile, Complete loan history, Set Reminders, check other vehicle details.


K2D Financier App is designed to solve problems of private financiers and streamlining the unorganised used vehicle loan sector.

Being Pioneers in the Sector, we are trying to solve these problems of Financier

  • Giving Verified loan leads.
  • Solving Marketing issues of a Financiers.
  • EMI Reminder to Borrower every month
  • No  Unwanted Calls.
  • Increasing Visibility of Your Business by Various offers.

This app act as Bridge between Borrower and Financier. We ensure that most of the work gets finished with the help of  the app. With the help of technology we are, making it simpler than ever.

  • We bring Customers at your door step-
  • For new business -By Marketing on your behalf
  • For payments- By giving monthly reminders for EMI

 What’s New Coming? 

  • Bringing all knew concept of “ Mark a Bad loan”
  • Receiving Emi through app
  • KYC and Asset verification.

Tip for Financier:

  • Detailed guide to use the app is pre-loaded in the app
  • A conversion depends upon lowest Rate of Interest and Transparent Business.
  • Take out the fear of your first Digital loan by disbursing Loan to nearest customer with lowest loan amount.

For support talk to our Partner Relationship Officer . Send mail to pro.k2dfinserv@gmail.com or Download K2D Finserv- Financier App