Gone are the days, when a person has to roam around for Genuine Financiers and also to find a reasonable Rate of Interest. K2D FinServ solves all issues of Used Vehicle Loan.


We are India’s First of its kind Service Providers. We Arrange loan from various Private Financiers who have expertise in used Vehicle loan.

What do we do?

K2D FinServ – Arranges loan on used vehicle from Private Financiers in the area nearest to the Users residence. App provides loan on two wheelers, Three wheeler, Four wheelers and various other Commercial Vehicle.

How we do?

When a user applies for a loan in a particular area, K2d FinServ applies a specific algorithm, gets the best suitable Quotes from Private Financiers of that area. It also avoids user unwanted burden by giving him Multiple Choice of financiers, interest rate, down payment at his fingertips. Even Users can ask for his Choice of ROI and Loan amount.


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Vehicle, from Nearest Private Financier?

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K2D Finserv-Financer

Ideal for Private Financer of Used Vehicle.

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Ideal for RTO agents. Looking for more deal?

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